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Blue System

Blue System Country Germany


Blue System was a German pop group that was founded by Dieter Bohlen in 1987 after the break-up of Modern Talking.

The group consisted of Dieter Bohlen (composer, producer, arranger and main vocals), and hired backstage musicians Rolf Köhler (main vocals), Michael Scholz (background vocals), Detlef Wiedeke (background vocals) and other background and/or front female voices unknown to the public.

On stage: Joachim Vogel (rhythm-guitar), Jeanne Dupuy and Frank Otto (drums), Nadja Abd el Farrag (vocals). In 1988 Frank Otto was replaced by Michel Rollin. After that in 1991 a new keyboardist joined - Achim Striben. In 1992 Dirk Sauer, Rene Engelman and Wolfgang Fritsch joined the group, while Joachim Vogel left.

Some of the group's singles such as "Sorry Little Sarah", "Under My Skin", "Silent Water", "My Bed is Too Big", "Deja Vu", "Love is such a lonely sword" , "Laila", "Magic Symphony" and many others were very popular in Europe as well as Africa and Asia. The group released 22 video clips from their album repertoire and most of these were aired in Europe, especially on German TV shows. Blue System also had several concert performances within Germany and Russia during the late 80s and late 90s.

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