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Albums: 2
Songs: 4
Acapulco Nights Dynamite
Albums: 13
Songs: 116
Straight From The Heart Magicians Holiday The Gap Band The Gap Band The Gap Band II Gap Band III Gap Band IV Strike A Groove Gap Band V - Jammin' Gap Band VI Gap Band VII Gap Band 8 Round Trip
Albums: 3
Songs: 12
You Are A Danger Go On La Colegiala / Equador
Albums: 5
Songs: 46
Gazebo Telephone Mama Univision The Rainbow Tales Sweet Life
Albums: 9
Songs: 95
A Trick Of The Tail Wind & Wuthering Seconds Out ...And Then There Were Three... Duke Abacab Three Sides Live Genesis Invisible Touch
Albums: 4
Songs: 9
Just For You New Sensations I Heard It Through The Grapevine Twist In My Sobriety / Funk Z
Albums: 2
Songs: 19
Faith Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1
Albums: 5
Songs: 41
Non-Stop Dance / Come To America By Night Cuba On The Riviera Quartier Latin
Albums: 1
Songs: 3
In My Fantasy
Albums: 1
Songs: 8
The Prince
Albums: 14
Songs: 133
Son Of My Father Giorgio's Music Knights In White Satin From Here To Eternity Midnight Express - Soundtrack E=MC² American Gigolo - Original Soundtrack Foxes (Original Soundtrack) Cat People Solitary Men Metropolis - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack The NeverEnding Story Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder Innovisions
Albums: 1
Songs: 10
Cuts Both Ways
Albums: 12
Songs: 108
Never Can Say Goodbye Experience I've Got You Glorious Park Avenue Sound Love Tracks I Have A Right Stories I Kinda Like Me Gloria Gaynor I Am Gloria Gaynor The Power Of Gloria Gaynor
Albums: 2
Songs: 22
Birth, School, Work, Death More Songs About Love & Hate
Albums: 9
Songs: 78
Portfolio Fame Muse Warm Leatherette Nightclubbing Living My Life Slave To The Rhythm Inside Story Bulletproof Heart
Albums: 3
Songs: 33
They Said It Couldn't Be Done The Source Ba-Dop-Boom-Bang
Albums: 6
Songs: 14
Colder Than Ice / Red For Love Doctor For My Heart Wings Of Love / California Train (Find My) Tracks In The Snow In The Rain Again Lost In Paradise
Albums: 8
Songs: 79
Greg Kihn Next Of Kihn Love And Rock And Roll Glass House Rock Rockihnroll Kihntinued Kihnspiracy Kihntagious
Albums: 2
Songs: 20
Appetite For Destruction G N' R Lies
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